Elijah Mwangi Njeru

Senior Partner

He is a Senior Partner in the Firm of Macharia-Mwangi & Njeru Advocates. He holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Law from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma from the Kenya School of Law. He has 17 years experience in legal practice in Kenya at the highest level and particularly in Commercial Transactions and Litigation. During his career, Elijah has handled high level litigation and has represented financial institutions in various matters. Elijah’s proven competencies are in:-

Commercial Law: He has been involved in mergers and takeovers. He was in charge of a reverse takeover of a regulated bank which is currently the fastest growing bank in Kenya; Commercial litigation of very diverse nature involving many financial institutions in Kenya which our firm has rendered services to for over a decade at the very least. This includes realization of securities, pursuit of guarantors and enforcementof judgments. In the course of these services, Mwangi has gathered immense experience of the workings of financial transactions the minutest detail including working outside Kenya in Uganda and Southern Sudan where the institutions have set up businesses;

Criminal law(Economic Crimes): This is an area where Elijah has been engaged regularly by financial institutions to oversee successful prosecution of fraudsters be they staff or customers or traders or business partners. The firm’s clientele in this area includes leading financial institutions and corporates who have lost money through fraud by staff and customers. Through the firm’s legal presentation Elijah has overseen successful conviction of a member of staff who had stolen Kshs. 104 million from a leading financial institution. In this area Elijah and by extension, the firm has superior expertise and lengthy experience;

Labour Law: In this area Elijah and Team have handled many labour disputes both for and against corporate institutions. Our firm has defended large corporates in major separations involving Chief Executives, Senior Managementand have managed to win significant awards for our clients (employers) or to manage claims against our clients:

Commercial Land Disputes: Elijah is an expert in this area having handled commercial land disputes.Where litigation is needed, he will pursue this vigorously on your behalf. Elijah helps his clients understand all the options and then agrees with them the best strategy to take to achieve the desired goal, keeping at the front of mind the need to protect their reputation and commercial relationships. Whether you have an issue with commercial or residential property, our firm is fully committed to providing excellent services and supporting you to help you to tackle and resolve your issues. Elijah has extended his advise to companies, partnerships, charities and individuals on all issues relating to property and land. He also offers advice to syndicates, investors, trustees and developers.

Arbitration Law: In this area, Elijah has good experience in handling arbitration disputes and acting as counsel in the field of arbitration. Elijah’s years of experience in litigation matters enables him to add significant value in defending or prosecuting arbitrations and resultant proceedings.

Debt Recovery: Mr. Mwangi has extensive experience in working with small and medium sized businesses both civil and commercial processes including enforcing commercial securities. He has also over the years assisted private clients who are owed money for a variety of reasons.He has an impressive track record of recovering outstanding debts and he will manage all your Debt Recovery needs, from sending an initial letter requesting payment, to issuing Court Proceedings and enforcing a Judgment Order. Our firm provides a business debt recovery service that is simple, effective and fast. We have specifically developed our commercial debt recovery service to deal with invoice debts, which means that, when payment problems arise for your business, our team of debt recovery can focus on recovering your debts.

Pension Fund Disputes: Elijah has a strong pension’s dispute resolution practice and offers advise all types of parties, including trustees of pension schemes, scheme sponsors, insolvency practitioners, investment managers, and parties to corporate transactions. He also handles matters ranging from individual claims through to rectification matters and claims relating to systemic errors of administration affecting scheme benefits. He also gives often advice on the scope of powers and benefit entitlements. When managing employee and plan member complaints for our clients, we advise on tactics as well as the legal merits. He has recently helped avert substantial claims against a financial corporation involving 63 staff of the bank.

Forensic/Anti-fraud Cases: Elijah provides dispute consulting, investigative and anti-fraud and corruption services to a wide variety of legal professionals and sectors. His understanding of the most aggressive tactics employed on behalf of claimants in fraud cases also enables him to provide the defendants the firm acts with comprehensive protection. Elijah is also experienced in recovering processes following fraudulent activities.

Intellectual Property: He has experience in cases involving intellectual property including patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights. The law regarding intellectual property is designed to protect the property created by intellect, such as designs, inventions, patents andcopyright and. The firm has counseled clients and successfully handled many high-profile and cutting-edge intellectual property cases.His legal representation has involved many of the cases that have defined the scope of intellectual property rights. The Firm’s clients include businesses large and small and also individuals.

Public Interest Matters: In this area, Elijah has handled various cases involving Environmental challenges to developers, the National Security Fund and other public bodies.

He is a member of the Law Society of Kenya and East Africa Law Society.